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indian food restaurants lucknow

Cosme is also derived from Cosmo - which means the world! Serving the world to you, Cosme is a multi-cuisine restaurant which caters to the distinct palette of food connoisseurs. We welcome patrons who have a penchant for Worldly tastes to come and savour delicacies along with our wide range of Wines and Spirits.

indian food restaurants lucknow

"ELEV8 is nestled in the heart of the city. ELEV8 is a delightful book cafe and lounge, which would make you feel all warm and cozy. The menu is designed specially for those who would prefer light eats while enjoying their favourite book. ELEV8 has a decent collection of books - from fairytales for the little ones to biographies of famous personalities to self-help books. As soon as the clock strikes 8 p.m. on Saturday evenings, this cozy cutesy cafe / lounge is transformed into a modern discotheque, with fun lighting and a great sound system in place. The indoor dance floor is huge, and the music is just the right tempo for you to get your groove on. You can walk outside through the beautiful green tunnel and onto the lovely terrace. You can take the music with you. That's right Elev8 plays is of a silent discotheque - all you got to do is pick up your headset from the counter and tune into the music. The terrace is lined with comfortable seating spaces, almost resembling private decks - for you and your friends to enjoy a private moment. If you wish to chit-chat, all you have to do is turn the sound off from a conveniently placed switch on your deck."