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Hotel Levana offers meaningful relaxation—an affordable, welcoming, and restorative experience through its unmatched food & beverage choices.

Welcome to EOS - Bar & Bistro !!!!
Where culture & conversations come together in a
contemporary Mediterranean melting pot.

In Greek mythology, EOS is the goddess of dawn. Legend has it, that she rose each morning from the home at a edge of the ocean, to bring light to the mortals. Portrayals of EOS show her carrying an 'Amphora', a ceramic vessel used by the ancient Greeks for storage of water and wine. Myth has it that she carried sunlight in her Amphora and spread it at the break of dawn.

Dine alfresco under the stars, at this rooftop bistro and savor the essence of quaint herbs. The finest of cuts, cooked using the best quality ingredients from all across the European continent. Let hints of saffron and thyme leave your taste buds lingering for more. EOS - Bar & Grill offers you a palate of traditional recipes in a contemporary style of cooking. An evolution of gastronomy.

Let the glimpses of the starlit sky transition into dawn, and leave you spellbound.

Time of Operation: 12:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs

Lounge bar lucknow

Welcome to The Atrium!
ATRIUM the coffee shop serving global cuisine and offering beautiful view of state of the art green wall & see-through roof.

Old world charm and courtly manners. Gracious living and fine dining. The elegance of life. The essence of Lucknow in a modern setting. Experience it here, where nature soothes you and our chef's pamper...

Choose from Continental, Oriental and Mediterranean at Atrium, The Coffee Shop.

Time of Operation: 24 hrs

coffee shop in lucknow

Welcome to Peeli Kothi.
An unparalleled heritage dining experience.
Where the aroma of good food has been blended perfectly with the flavors of history.

If the walls could speak, they would tell of the glories traditions of this building. Of the many heroic freedom fighters who put up stiff resistance during the War of Independence in 1857. Of one of India's greatest publishers, Munshi Newal Kishore, often referred to as the Caxton of India, who started the renowned Newal Kishore Press and Book Depot, one of the oldest printing and publishing concerns in Asia, from here. Of the legendary 'Avadh Akhbar', which Munshi Newal Kishore launched in 1858, was brought out till 1950, making it perhaps one of the longest lived Urdu newspapers in the whole of North India. The paper, which had a host of well-known writers associated with it including Musnhi Prem Chand and Mirza Ghalib, was not just about disseminating news, but about contributing to India's awakening and renaissance, to the freedom struggle, to literature, education and journalism. The epicenter of learned men striving to spread knowledge far and wide. The heart of one of the richest cultural and intellectual movements of India.

The history provides a glorious background in which you can savors our exotic fare that draws from the rich culinary heritage of Awadh, and utilizes some of the finest ingredients from the region!

Time of Operation: 19:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs